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November 1, 2013


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Revenge Battle Majin Blaze VS Majin Rouge

*Scene one*

Majin Rouge: *Walks in and sees Majin Blaze, while smirking*

Majin Blaze: So you actually did it… You killed her…

Majin Rouge: No Blazey Buu… I ATE her she looked so delicious I couldn’t let her go to waste.

Majin Blaze: Hm……..

Majin Rouge: That’s not the right attitude, I had orders to kill her so I did.

Majin Blaze: ……… *Groans*

Majin Rouge: *Walks away*

Majin Blaze: *Remembering her friend Majin Amy and the time they spent together* *Clenches fist in anger*


Majin Rouge: *Blasting the innocent and destroying buildings* This is way more fun than fighting that weak, pink disgrace.

Male Mobian 1: Everyone hide!!

Majin Rouge: Heh… hiding won’t do you any good.

Majin Blaze: *Blasts Majin Rouge from behind*

Majin Rouge: AHH!! *Gets on one knee then looks behind her*

Majin Blaze: *Descends slowly on the ground with a mad expression*

Majin Rouge: Why… Why in the name of chocolate did you do that?!

Majin Blaze: I think it’s obvious why I blasted you… You killed my friend!

Majin Rouge: Who? Pinky Buu? She’s weak and you consider her as a friend?

Majin Blaze: She was more of a friend than you would ever be!

Majin Rouge: Hm… *Chuckles then laughs*

Majin Blaze: Huh?

Majin Rouge: Who’s talking about friends now? I had my orders, now I see my real target, Cat Buu!!

Majin Blaze: You think you’re stronger than me?! Then prove it!!

Majin Rouge: *Charges at her, smirking*

Majin Blaze: *In defensive position*

Majin Rouge: *Strikes*

Majin Blaze: *Eye twinkles then strikes her in the stomach*

Majin Rouge: *Eyes widen* OOOOOOHHH!!

Majin Blaze: *Kicks her into a collapsed building*

Majin Rouge: *Crashes into it*

Dr. G. Robotnik: *Swoops in* I thought I heard something, what’re you doing Majin Blaze?! I didn’t order you to kill her!!

Majin Blaze: *Blasts his air cart*

Dr. G. Robotnik: *Gets hit* GAH!! *Growls* Fine, be that way, I shall see to it that Majin Rouge destroys you and every single one of your cells! *Flies away in his air craft*

Majin Blaze: *Looks at the building Rouge crashed into* Come on out! I know you’re not hurt from that!

Majin Rouge: *Strikes from underground*

Majin Blaze: *Gets hit and is knocked 10 feet in the air* GRR!!

Majin Rouge: *Firing rapidly at her until a cloud was made, then chuckles* Oh please was that you’re best-- *Sees her not damaged* HUH?!

Majin Blaze: *Has an angry expression* Was that YOU’RE best?! Now it’s my turn!! *Charges at her and drives her into the ground*

Majin Rouge: *Is forced into the ground**Grunting*

Majin Blaze: This is what happens when you kill one of my friends!!

Majin Rouge: Friends are a joke… *Gets up and dusts herself off* And if you think I’m holding back then you are sadly mistaking! *Fires a chocolate beam at her*

Majin Blaze: *Dodges and looks at it then looks back at Rouge*

Majin Rouge: *Kicks her in the nose*

Majin Blaze: *Head is forced back and grunts in pain, blood runs from her nose*

Majin Rouge: Face it, I’m smarter than you and Pinky Buu combined. So there is no chance of you beating me! *Kicks her far away, making her crash through buildings*

Majin Blaze: *Going through buildings* She’s so tough… is that what Amy had to fight…? *Lands and slides on the ground*
Majin Rouge: *Lands hard on her stomach*

Majin Blaze: *Yells in pain*

Majin Rouge: *Laughs* Admit it, you’re just no match for me… If I can kill Amy, I can kill you… *Points finger at her and a small ball of energy is created*

Majin Blaze: *Growls and teleports behind her*

Majin Rouge: Hm? *Looks behind her*

Majin Blaze: *Striking her with very, very fast attack*

Majin Rouge: *Getting hit by every single attack thrown*

Majin Blaze: *Knees her in the face*

Majin Rouge: *Gets hit and is knocked back only 1 ft.*

Majin Blaze: *Panting* *Wipes blood off of nose* Had… enough… yet?

Majin Rouge: *Gets up* Ok, I have to admit. You are faster and stronger than I am, but only by a little.

Majin Blaze: *Gasps* Impossible! I threw every single attack and every one of them hit her, she should’ve been at least knocked out by that!!

Majin Rouge: I grow tired of this… Now do me a favor and die like a good kitty. *Charges at her and starts striking her rapidly in her stomach*

Majin Blaze: *Coughing up blood with every strike to the stomach*

Majin Rouge: I hope you like being spinned around! *Strikes her stomach again but this time twists her arm and it making her spin*

Majin Blaze: *Lands in an iron wall, panting blood drips from mouth then spits it out* Damn… at this rate I’ll be dead before I know it…

Majin Rouge: *Lands on feet and starts walking towards her* You’re still alive? That attack was supposed to kill you. Ugh… Looks like I’ll have to find another way then!

Majin blaze: *Drop from the wall onto her knees and hands, panting*

Majin Rouge: Or, you could just suffer right there and watch me, destroy a whole city all by myself.

Majin Blaze: *Getting up*

Majin Rouge: Hm? *Looks at her with eyes, not moving her head, smirks* Wow, it’s true. Cats do have nine lives… but genetically created cats, only have 1!

Majin Blaze: …. Wrong…

Majin Rouge: Come again?

Majin Blaze: *Makes body perfect and healthy again* You only wasted one of my 9 lives, I now have 8 more left!

Majin Rouge: *Surprised* You’re kidding?!

Majin Blaze: I’m not, now you’ll feel my true power! *Charges at her and head-butt’s her hard*

Majin Rouge: AHH!!! *Is bleeding from head*

Majin Blaze: *Kicks her into the sky, charges at her and strikes her at an incredible rate of speed*

Majin Rouge: *Grunting in pain from every attack thrown*

Majin Blaze: *Charges up a flame attack then fires at her*

Majin Rouge: *Falls and hits the ground hard*

Majin Blaze: *Charges up candy beam* I hope you like cake!! *Fires the beam at her*

Majin Rouge: *Groans, sits up, shakes head then opens one eye and looks up and sees the beam close by, realizes it’s too late to move* !! *Gets hit with it* AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!! *Is turned into cake*

Majin Blaze: *Descends onto the ground, picks up the Majin Rouge Cake then eats it, swallows her* *Exhales* That will teach you… never ever mess… with my friends…

Blu (the Saiyanhog) : Blaze, what happened?! I sensed a strong energy reading and—

Majin Blaze: It’s over… she’s gone now Blu…

Blu: Gone? What do you mean?

Majin Blaze: “Gone”. *Rubs her stomach*

Blu: *Shocked* You digested her?!

Majin Blaze: That’s one way of putting it… Majin Rouge she was cake when I ate her.

Blu: *Nods* Alright then… I can tell you fought a hard battle with her, come with me to my place, you can rest there. *Puts her on his back*

Majin Blaze: *Pants* Thanks… Blu…

Blu: *Flies to his house*

(Well peeps, Majin Rouge has been defeated and Majin Blaze is now on the Good side, I’m surprised that Blu was friends with her the whole time. That was nice of him to let her rest at his house. This was a mini episode, I’m still thinking about doing a series though. Did you guys like this anyway?)
I hope you guys do like it... it's the first time I've made something that involved Mobius Z.
it was really good, nice work, hope there's more to come
Blu-the-Tiger Nov 1, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Thanks, glad you liked it!
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